Terms and Conditions of the
Carl’s event location, legally represented by the managing director Christian Mews, Carlshöhe 47 in 24340 Eckernförde

1. Scope
The acquisition, in particular the application and the ordering of tickets (“Tickets”), the use of the tickets to the events of the Carls Eventlocation (“Event”) as well as the access to the Showpalast in which the events take place are subject to the following general conditions Terms and Conditions (“Terms and Conditions”) of the Carls Event Location. By acquiring or using a card, the respective acquirer or owner accepts the validity of the terms and conditions.

2. Legal relationships
All tickets are sold exclusively in the name and for the account of Carl’s event location.
The Carls Eventlocation sells tickets for own events as well as foreign events. For foreign events, the Carl event location is only active as a sales agency. If there is no clear indication of a third party event, this is an own event.

3. Telephone and Internet orders
a) Conclusion of the contract
In the case of the Internet booking or the telephone order, the offer for a contract conclusion by the applicant / orderer goes out as soon as he clicked on the field “Application / Send Order” on the Internet order form or by phone the orderer of the Carl Show Palace; it is binding.
b) No right of cancellation and return
A right of revocation and return does not exist. Also, there is no claim to exchange of cards.

4. Entrance Fees
a) Advance booking and ticket system fee
The entry fees mentioned include a ticket system fee in addition to the pure ticket price and if the ticket purchase is not made at the box office a pre-sale fee.
b) delivery fees
Not included are the delivery charges for the tickets. The delivery charges are the respectively required postage for simple letter delivery.

5. pay
a) Payment
The credit card or bank account will only be charged if the contract is concluded. Upon conclusion of the contract payment is due. In the case of a payment by bank transfer, the customer must ensure that the payment amount is paid into the account of the Carls Event Location. The payment must be made in euros. All payment fees connected with the bank transfer are to be borne by the customer.
b) Cancellation
If the ticket has been purchased in advance and has not been paid for immediately, Carls Eventlocation reserves the right to withdraw from the contract and to refuse the cardholder access to the show. Claims for damages remain unaffected.

6th reduction
For reduced tickets, the proof of eligibility with photo ID on entry must be provided on the day of the event. If the proof is not provided, the difference to the full ticket price must be postponed before admission.

7. Seats
The seats are allocated as far as possible in a coherent manner. A claim to contiguous places is not granted.

8. Reservation
Tickets can be reserved for a maximum of 10 days, if not explicitly authorized by the Carls event location, up to 3 days before the event without obligation. If no purchase order is made within this period, the reservation is void. Orders not expressly designated as non-binding reservations are considered as a binding order.

9. Access
Access to the Carls event location is only possible with a valid ticket, regardless of age. The ticket entitles only the cardholder to access the Carls event location and to exercise any other rights under these terms and conditions.

10. Wardrobe
No coats, umbrellas, sticks, large bags or similar items may be taken into the hall. These must be left for a fee at the cloakroom for safekeeping.

11. Liability
a) own events
The stay in the Carls event location is at your own risk. For culpably caused damage to life, limb or health the Carls event location is liable without restriction according to the legal regulations. Incidentally, Carl’s event location shall only be liable for damage caused by intent or gross negligence on the part of itself, its legal representatives or vicarious agents, unless essential contractual obligations are affected. The liability of Carl’s Event Location is limited except in the case of intentional acts and gross negligent breach of essential contractual obligations to the replacement of foreseeable, contract-typical damage.
b) Third party events
In the case of third-party events, Carls Eventlocation acts as a sales agency and is only liable for the services provided as part of its sales activities. For performance disturbances in connection with third party events, the organizer alone, for whom the Carls Eventlocation sells the tickets, is liable. Any claims of the customer arising from this can only be asserted against the organizer. In the event of a failure of the show, the advance booking fee charged for the placement service will not be refunded.

c) people with disabilities
In the event of a dangerous situation, we will make special efforts to give special support to persons with a disability or temporary special physical impairment (such as “Gipsbein”, hereinafter collectively referred to as “disability”). For this we need to know about the disability. If you inform us before booking or buying an entrance ticket to a specific disability, we will offer you a disability-friendly space in the context of the then available card contingent. As far as we are not informed about your disability or if you choose a place that does not meet your disability, we can not be held liable for resulting damages. Since in a larger organization it can not always be guaranteed that all verbal information will always be processed reliably, we only accept this liability if you have informed us in writing (also by e-mail) and in the event that you have a non-disability-friendly place we have expressly confirmed this in writing. In this case, a ticket order is issued via the Internet. If you have not informed us of your disability prior to purchasing the card and we are no longer available for disabled places, we can only allow you to attend the event by signing a statement before the event stating that you have a liability for TIVOLI because of the special risk associated with your disability. If you do not do so, a refund of the entrance fee is not possible.

12. Sound and image recordings
a) Prohibition of recordings
Cardholders are not permitted to record and distribute any sound, image, film, description or outcome of the Event or to assist others in any such activity without the prior written consent of Carl’s Event Location.
b) Use
In the event of Carl’s event location consenting to the production of photos and images at an event, they may be used solely for personal, non-commercial purposes. Any commercial use requires the prior written consent of Carl’s event location. Remuneration for this is agreed separately.
c) consent to records
Each Cardholder irrevocably and on all present and future media agrees to the free use of its image and voice for photographs, live broadcasts, broadcasts and / or recordings of image and / or sound relating to the Carls Eventlocation or its agents the event will be created. Section 23 (2) Art Copyright Act remains unaffected.

14. House right
In the interest of safety and an orderly and smooth running of the event, the guests are obliged to follow the instructions of the representative of Carls Eventlocation.

15. Final provision
We assume no liability for the misconduct of our guests.

16. Agreement of German law and jurisdiction agreement
The contractual relationship and these terms and conditions are exclusively subject to German law. If the contracting party is a merchant within the meaning of the HGB, a legal entity under public law or a special fund under public law, or if it has its general place of jurisdiction outside of Germany, the exclusive place of jurisdiction for all disputes arising from and in connection with the contractual relationship is Hamburg.

17. Severability clause
Should individual provisions of these GTC be or become wholly or partially invalid or unenforceable, this shall not affect the validity and feasibility of the remaining provisions. The parties undertake to agree on a provision which comes as close as possible to the original provision in place of the provision which is not included or ineffective.

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